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Ngày: 09-04-2015

The directors, teachers and support staff at Shelton DG have worked very hard to become one of the leading educational organizations for delivering ESL tuition in the regions. However we are keen to expand our operations within Hanoi and must acknowledge that there is still some room for improvement. As a consequence we’re committed to ensuring that our employees comply with the teaching standards outlined in our extensive company handbook that is issued to all teachers and prominent support staff throughout the company. In addition we are keen to encourage our staff to aim for the highest standards of professionalism when conducting operations on behalf of this company, and although we respect the need for international employee’s right to privacy we also expect all staff to comply with the common social expectations for teachers that occur across a range of different cultures. The Vietnamese tend to hold fairly formal and conservative views when discussing any matters that have entered the public domain.

Educational philosophy:

The Shelton system is designed to ensure that all students are developing both the breadth and depth of knowledge that they need in order to succeed in securing the most worthwhile certificate on the market (IELTS). As a consequence all students and teachers should look toward tackling challenging content and methods that are designed to assess the abilities of all parties in an effective and rigorous manner, including erring toward a less generous approach when marking students work and mock tests. The majority of our teachers have been trained to deliver the communicative method and though they will focus on improving their students speaking/listening skills we do also believe that English language teaching can only be effective when both local and international teachers are able to set reading and writing tasks. This policy ensures that all of our teachers are closely involved in providing feedback (marking work) and monitoring their students’ progress in a manner that is more in keeping with the professional standards that are associated with education in the UK, Canada and the EU. Finally, we believe that a leading ESL institution should provide tuition to all age groups, in order to ensure that external examiners in particular are able to assess the quality of the training and testing that we provide upon an on-going basis.

Training missions:

۞ To ensure that our students develop enough skill to speak in a confident and precise manner.

۞ To inspire a new generation of Vietnamese young people to be creative, analytical and be able to operate in a manner that contributes toward the socio-economic status of this country.

Training method:

We prefer to work with infants from the earliest stages right up to the point where they will sit and pass their IELTS examinations as adults. We are sensible enough to ensure that our infants are eased into the process by providing them with a fun and nurturing education that steadily becomes more rigorous and exacting as a student progresses upward from one stage to the next. Finally, any evidence of the aforementioned progress is evaluated through periodic English examinations in accordance with the Cambridge YLRs, IELTS, TOEIC and Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Special features of the training and management policies proscribed by Shelton:

۞ The company provides extensive guidelines for student and context analysis, lesson planning, teaching methods, skills delivery and how to manage classroom behaviour, discipline and compliance with an extensive child safety policy drawing upon some of the best resources provided by the British council. 

۞ In addition these guidelines include specific linguistic advice and tips for teaching English too Vietnamese students as formulated by some of the most respected academics in Vietnam and in reference to analysis that was conducted by HMG officials and educators in the UK.

۞ The Vietnamese director and international managers conduct regular lesson observations and meetings with the teachers in different areas in order to ensure that they are given the advice that they need to thrive in an environment that is not always conducive toward delivering the best standards of education.

۞ The company aims to promote a comprehensive approach to lesson delivery by first focusing upon the particular needs of the students/clients (speaking skills), but also by ensuring the students have developed the necessary breadth and depth of knowledge that they need to succeed at the highest levels.

۞ The company acknowledges the need for students to learn above and beyond the content that is provided in published ESL textbooks and as a consequence we have sought to invest in the facilities, equipment and extracurricular activities that are needed to deliver interesting and interactive teaching methodology.

۞ The former Director of Study, Mr. Sean J Mc Gough, age 35, is a fully qualified teacher with five years’ experience of teaching and education management in the UK, allied to five years’ experience of teaching English and managing ESL teachers in Vietnam. He has worked hard to build a team of trusted area managers and senior teachers such a Mr Kriel and Mr Westgate (PGCE) who are able to ensure that the progress that has been made to date continues when looking ahead to the future on a short/medium term basis.


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