English for Infants (From 3 to 5 years old)

Ngày: 13-04-2015

Our English courses for very young learners are specifically designed so that our toddlers can nurture their self-confidence and language potential in a playful and enjoyable manner. The curriculum emphasizes the need to develop language interaction in a hands-on manner by utilising animation, singing, roleplaying and narration to enthuse the youngsters with a love for learning the language; whilst also ensuring that all lessons correspond with the standards that are required as part of the ‘Starter’ level of the Cambridge Young Learners system.

Outstanding features of the course:

۞ Our courses provide the opportunity for students to learn English with International teachers in an environment that places emphasis on the bonds that need to be formed between very young students and their teacher.

۞ Our courses are set and delivered to meet the level descriptors of the ‘Starter’ level of the Cambridge young learners system, thus enabling parents and the relevant authorities to measure any academic improvement as and when it occurs – or even if it occurs at all.

۞ We aim to ensure that our students develop good manners, life skills and the ability to think in a critical manner whilst also ensuring that our teachers cater to the distinct learning styles and neurological profiles that their students may possess.

۞ We limit class sizes at this level to no more than 10-15 children per group in order to ensure that the youngsters learn in a comfortable and attentive manner.

۞ We pay special attention to monitoring classroom behaviour and effort rates and are keen to involve parents with the process of learning by ensuring that they receive regular feedback on their child’s progress, either by providing comments and test results in the form of reports/course diaries or by e-mail upon request.

What is expected in this course?

Your kids will:

۞ Learn the phonetic sounds and how to pronounce syllables in a precise manner.

۞ Learn the alphabet and know how to write some basic English letters.

۞ Learn how to form basic sentences and conduct everyday conversation in a confident and accurate manner.

۞ Gain a basic vocabulary; they should learn 70-100 familiar words that enable them to ask very simple questions and identify the English nouns for very familiar items, such as household tools and appliances.

۞ Be familiar with the effort rates, study habits and disciplinary requirements that promote independent study skills that are more often linked to the education systems in the UK, US and the EU.

۞ Build their level of self-confidence and encourage the students to practice their speaking skills in front of their parents, relatives and social groups.

۞ Develop a passion for learning English.


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