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The English courses for Teenagers include four separate systems, pending upon the entry level of the students who wish to continue their studies with Shelton DG. The Shelton textbooks grades 10-12 are designed to improve a student’s speaking skills, their knowledge of simplistic grammar and topics, and cover the relevant Tieng Anh language focus for a given unit in the state sector. However most of our private students are able to tackle the more credible and interesting topics that are covered in the MORE 1-4s, IELTS and IGCSE courses that we are able to provide in our commercial centres. All four courses have been drafted, collated and put together by experts working out of the HQ office in Hanoi, and either the course book draws upon content from other sources (Shelton 10-12) or it is a fully accredited textbook that has been sourced from the UK (MORE/IELTS/IGCSE).

However it should be noted that we do give our teachers license to adapt and adjust the content they deliver on a weekly basis, and we do not always agree with the quality of the lesson content that has been delivered in the past.

Outstanding features of the course:

۞ Our courses provide the opportunity for students to learn English with International teachers in an environment that places emphasis on the need for students to tackle challenging tasks, vocabulary and grammar that is more likely to appear in International examination systems, including both the IELTS and IGCSE testing of English language ability.

۞ Course progression is measured in correlation with level descriptors encapsulated within the KET, PET and IELTS system for language testing, and the entirety of each course is geared toward ensuring that our students develop their essay-writing skills and ability to answer exam questions in a direct and proficient manner.

۞ We aim to ensure that our students develop good manners, life skills and the ability to think in a critical manner whilst also ensuring that they develop their ability to lead others, conduct presentations and complete project-based work.

۞ We limit class sizes at this level to between 8-16 students per group in order to ensure that our teachers are able to provide the necessary testing and feedback that is inherent to this crucial stage in educational attainment, though groups in the state sector range from 20-50 students per class pending upon the PPP status and requirements of the client school.

۞ We pay very close attention to monitoring the writing skills, maturity and social development of our students at this stage and have been known to insist that some groups repeat a particular course of study before moving on to a more challenging and worthwhile level. Our students should be willing to complete all homework tasks without hesitation or prevarication and also expect to be tested upon a regular basis. Although we are keen to involve parents in the learning process at this stage we also expect our students to have learned how to manage their own behaviour and ensure that they overcome any impediments toward making progress in the future.

Specific objectives of each level:


By the end of this course the students should…

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

English for Teenagers (Super teen experience)

Primary-Intermediate level (Period 1)

Comprehensively develop all Four English skills:

We encourage our students to develop their ability to read, write, listen and speak the language in equal measure, in tandem with improving their ability to solve problems and think creatively.

Establish and develop the active language skill: the program focuses on developing a student’s ability to speak and write in a precise manner through such methods of conducting mock interviews, class presentations and learning repetitive vocabulary through games.

Abundant learning topics suitable for teenagers

All topics in the SHELTON textbooks have been designed to cover the standardised unit content of the Tieng Anh course syllabus, whereas the international published textbooks of MORE 1-4 help to broaden a student’s knowledge of social interaction skills, contemporary subjects and prepare them for discussing a wide variety of topics during international examinations.

The curriculum integrates practice questions, test structures, and expectations contained within the KET and PET systems for English language testing.

These courses should provide students with an intermediate to strong knowledge of the subject, depending upon their inherent ability and the amount of effort that they put into their studies. Such preparation should enable a student to gauge the level of language proficiency that is needed to apply for scholarships to private high schools in the UK (also known as public schools) or to move on to tackle the more relevant - IELTs level of English language testing.


English for Teenagers (Super teen experience)

Intermediate (Period 2)


English for Teenagers (Super teen experience)



English for Teenagers (Super teen experience)




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