Ngày: 13-04-2015

        1. Purpose of learning communication English

۞ Enhance vocabulary and grammar through a series of textbooks selected by a group of experts working from the HQ office in Hanoi.

۞ Improve the general pronunciation of letters, words and sentences

۞ Develop the ability to reflect upon and discuss everyday topics in English that are most likely to occur in a commercial setting, such as conducting vital negotiations over the phone or through SKYPE.

۞ Enhance confidence, initiative and flexibility when communicating in English.

۞ Improve personal skills such as working better in teams, problem-solving, and time management through simulation exercises.

        2. Likely candidates for communication English course

۞ College students, employees and business people.

۞ Candidates who know nothing about English, have not learned English, and need to learn English from scratch.

۞ Candidates who have learned English, but have discovered a need to brush up on their skills and background knowledge.

۞ Candidates who wish to focus upon developing their ability to speak with confidence and conduct conversations with other people from around the world.

        3. Special features of the Communication English Courses at Shelton

۞ Shelton is able to provide up to 35 teachers from a range of cultural and professional backgrounds who have often graduated from some of the most respected universities in the world.

۞ In addition we ensure that they are properly briefed about the challenges and expectations of our corporate clients, when and where it is applicable to the course.

۞ We are willing to schedule classes outside office hours or on the weekend.

۞ We are able to tailor and adjust the course-content in order to meet the specific needs of a given industry or employer.

 Specific objectives of each level:


Objectives obtained after the course

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages


۞ Express simple opinions or requirements in familiar situations

۞ Understand simple information in familiar fields like product information, signs, textbook…

۞ Fill in forms, write short  and simple letters or personal information in cards



۞ Have a limited ability to express opinions on cultural or abstract issues or give advice in familiar fields, understand announcements and instructions.

۞ Understand articles, daily news, and main ideas in familiar texts.

۞ Write letters or note the main ideas of familiar issues or predictable topics.


Advance (Period 1)

۞ Understand or present a familiar topic or talk about various fields.

۞ Look for information in texts and understand instructions and advice.

۞ Take note of the main idea when other people make a speech, write a letter or discuss familiar topics.


Advance  (Period 2)

۞ Make constructive recommendations in a meeting or conference at work and maintain conversations that include abstract idioms.

۞ Be able to read and understand articles and skim read within an academic setting.

۞ Prepare/write professional letters, jot down information in a meeting and write essays.


At the end of the course, the students should:

۞ Be confident when communicating in English.

۞ Practice and develop communication skills in English, presentation skills, write emails and memos, negotiate deals, and express thoughts and opinions in English.

۞ Develop independent study skills.

۞ Supplement and build vocabulary related to economic, social and international issues.

۞ Provide some preparation for obtaining a decent level in the IELTS, TOEIC, and TOEFL testing systems.


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